English podcast #14 – He visto la señal

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy «I saw the sign»


EAO-I saw the sign

Sandy: (Exhale) I can’t believe we are ready to go!

Colberto: Yeah, and just in the nick of time. We got the brochure problem solved, they’ve installed all the fixtures, the gang has set everything up perfectly…Now all we have to do is focus on our prospective clients. -1

Sandy: We’ll take turns supervising the demos and checking out other stands…All right, pull up the banners and let the games begin! -2

Colberto: Uh oh. Sandy, our email address is www.frepypsa.es, isn’t it? – 3

Sandy: Yeah, why?

Colberto: Well, the banner says ‘.com’.

Sandy: No way. I can’t believe this! I hope everything else has the right address on it. Take a look at the printed material. – 4

Colberto: Everything else seems to be fine. Listen, do you have any fishing line left? -5

Sandy: Here, what are you going to do?

Colberto: I’ll just tie the banner a little lower and that way the email won’t be visible. How does that look? – 6

Sandy: That doesn’t look bad. Good idea. Oh look, there’s John, from Peliucon. They’re one of our best clients. I’m going to treat him to a coffee and show him our latest products. Since I’ll be here at the stand why don’t you go scout out any new trends out there. -7

Colberto: I always look forward to discovering new trends and making new contacts at the fairs.

Sandy: You are very good at it, is why. -8

  1. Just in the nick of time mean justo a tiempo. Focus on can mean dedicar especial atención or fijarse en. Be careful with the pronunciation ‘fouques’. Fixtures are elementos o dispositivos de iluminación. The gang is el equipo o la pandilla.
  2. To take turns means turnarse. It is followed by a verb+ing: take turns doing something. Let the games begin is que empiece la fiesta.
  3. www.frepypsa.com: remember we don’t say ‘3 double-Us’ and we say ‘dot’ for punto.
  4. No way. Depending on the context it can mean de ninguna manera or no me lo creo.
  5. To be left does not mean ‘ser de izquierdas’ it means quedar as in quedan tres entradas.
  6. How does that look? We use this to talk about appearance. ¿Que tal así?
  7. Treat in this case means to pay for, inviter. Latest is más recientes. Scout out means search for. Trends are tendencias.
  8. To be good at means que se te de bien algo. It is also followed by verb+ing. I am good at finding new talent.


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