English podcast #5 – Alquilar un coche

English podcast: At the baggage claim.

En esta serie de english podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy reclamamos el equipaje en un aeropuerto

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EAO – Renting a Car

SANDY: I just got off the phone with the hotel. They say there’s been a mistake and they can’t send anyone to pick us up. I guess we’ll have to rent a car… 1
CAR RENTAL AGENT: How may I help you Ma’m?
SANDY: Er, yes, I’d like to rent a car, please.
CAR RENTAL AGENT: All right, what type of car would you like?
SANDY: There are 10 of us travelling so we will need a car and a minivan. 2
CAR RENTAL AGENT: It’s your lucky day! We had a last-minute cancellation and a minivan just became available. It can seat up to 7 people. What kind of car would you like? 3
SANDY: Well, we have a lot of luggage as you can see, so a standard would probably be too small. What would you recommend?
CAR RENTAL AGENT: How about a large SUV? You could fit about 4 large suitcases in the back.
SANDY: That sounds perfect! Now, I don’t know my way around this city at all, could one of the cars include an in-car navigation system?
CAR RENTAL AGENT: GPS Navigation is available on all cars at an additional charge. It’s 13.95$ per day. Would you like to purchase any of our optional coverages? They start at 4.00$ per day? 4
SANDY: Well, I know my credit card provides personal accident insurance and my personal auto insurance covers Collision Damage and Loss even on rentals… so, I think I’ll pass.5
CAR RENTAL AGENT: O.K. That will be a total of 1,350$. I’ll need to make a copy of the drivers’ licences, both their International Driver’s Permit and a valid foreign driver’s licence. Then all you have to do is sign this paper regarding the current condition of the car.6
SANDY: Do you mind if I take a look at the car before I sign? Look here’s a big scratch that isn’t on the form. Everything else seems to be OK.
CAR RENTAL AGENT: Let me make a note of that. You can drop the car off in Parking lot A and leave the keys in the ‘Rentforless’ box. Here you go. Have a good trip. 7
SANDY: Thank you.

  1.  I just got off the phone with … means I just spoke to … (acabo de hablar con…).We say rent in the US and rent or hire in the UK.
  2. A van, in English, is what the A-Team drove with sliding side doors. . A minivan is a family car with side and rear windows and sliding-doors. An SUV is a sport-utility vehicle, a high-performance four-wheel drive car.
  3. Seat in this case means fit (caber).
  4. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and SAT NAV stands for Satellite Navigational System. Insurance coverage (US)/cover (UK) means ‘cobertura’; when renting a car you have several insurance options.
    Remember, you can say ‘a week’ or ‘per week’.
  5. Collision Damage and Loss is ‘Daños por choque y pérdida’.
  6. ‘Carnet de conducir’ can be either Driving (UK)/ Driver’s (US) license or permit.
  7. Drop off and leave both mean ‘dejar’ in this case.

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