English Podcast #4 – Reclamar equipaje en el aeropuerto

En esta serie de Eglish podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy reclamamos el equipaje en un aeropuerto.


English podcast: At the baggage claim.

SANDY: Excuse me sir, but we are missing a bag.

COUNTER: Has it come onto the carousel yet? 1

SANDY: No, and it’s the most important bag. It’s the one with all our promotional material: pamphlets, brochures, cards, pens…

COUNTER: Sounds like Murphy’s law. 2

SANDY: Listen buddy, I don’t need jokes right now, I need you to find my bag. 3

COUNTER: Sorry ma’am. How long have you been waiting for it?

SANDY: Everybody else claimed their suitcases 40 minutes ago and the same two keep going around and around. 4

COUNTER: OK, it probably got misplaced. They usually turn up in 24 hours. If you give me your hotel address, we will send it out to you as soon as we have it. 5

SANDY: Hold on, my assistant has that info. Colberto! Ok here you are, Garden Hotel 201 West Penticton Street, Toronto. You can put ‘Attention Frepypsa” on it.

COUNTER: Can you spell Frepypsa?


COUNTER: Ok Ms. Frepypsa we should have that out to you within 48 hours.

SANDY: No, Frepypsa is the name of our company! Today is Saturday; we have to have these materials before Monday morning.

COUNTER: We’ll do our best ma’am.

SANDY: What is the per day allowance for a lost bag? 6

COUNTER: Please direct your question to our website ma’am.

SANDY: You can’t just tell me?

COUNTER: Company policy doesn’t allow us to give that information.

SANDY: That sounds like a stupid policy.

COUNTER: I didn’t invent it, I can only abide by the rules. 7

SANDY: I know, I know. But please understand the urgency of this situation.

COUNTER: Air Slobobia always tries its best. Our new slogan is “Air Slobobia, you chose us for the price, we hope the service was nice”.

SANDY: We’ll be waiting to hear form you.

COUNTER: Have a nice day ma’am and I hope the fair is a success.

SANDY: Thanks.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

  1. ‘The carousel’ is the name for the conveyer belt where the luggage is carried around in circles waiting to be picked up.
  2. ‘Murphy’s law’ is the same as in Spanish.
  3. ‘To claim’ is a term we use to say ‘pick up’ when we talk about your luggage at an airport.
  4. ‘Buddy’ can mean ‘friend’, but used in this context it is like saying ‘oye, chaval, no necesitas…’ It is used to call somebody’s attention to the fact that their sarcasm or attitude is not appreciated.
  5. ‘Misplace’ is another word for ‘to lose’, but ‘misplaced’- malcolocado – doesn’t sound as serious as ‘lost’. The phrasal verb ‘turn up’ also suggests lack of blame, unlike ‘to find’, which sounds like more of an obligation for the airline. ‘It will turn up’ – ‘Aparecerá, como esta por aqui…’
  6. ‘Allowance’, for a kid, is a weekly payment from his or her parents. Here, it means a per diem, a quantity given per day to cover expenses.
  7. ‘To abide by’ is another way of saying ‘to follow a rule’.

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