English podcast #33: the people you work with

En esta serie de english podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos



1. dueño/a 1. owner Bill Gates is the owner of Microsoft.
2. accionista 2. shareholder The shareholders criticised the chairman.
3. inversor 3. investor I am looking for investors for the project.
4. Presidente 4. Chairman (UK), president (US) They asked the chairman to resign.
5. Junta Directiva 5. Board of Directors The Board of directors voted to sack the Financial Director.
6. Director Ejecutivo 6. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) In many small companies, the Chairman and the CEO are the same person.
7. Director 7. Director There are two types of directors. Managers of the company and experts in a sector who give advice on planning (non-executive directors).
8 Director de Recursos Humanos 8. Human Resources Director The H.R. Director is a very tough person.
9. Director de Finanzas 9. Financial Director You need confirmation from the Financial Director
10. socio (principal) 10. partner/ senior partner I want to be a senior partner in the company.
11. jefe/ líder de grupo 11. team leader He is an excellent team leader.
12. jefe (de…) 12. Head (of…) She is the new head of H.R.
13. Director de proyecto 13. Project Manager The Project Manager will coordinate people from 3 companies.
14. Ejecutivo de Cuentas 14. Account Manager Account Managers are responsible for specific clients’ accounts with their company.
15. Técnico de servicio de asistencia 15. Help Desk technician I am calling the Help Desk technician.
16. comercial 16. sales rep The sales rep is coming this afternoon.
17. proveedor 17. supplier We always pay our suppliers on time.
18. homólogo/a 18. counterpart I speak to my counterpart in France every day.
19. contable 19. bookkeeper Our company is small. We have one bookkeeper to manage our accounts.
20. recepcionista 20. receptionist The receptionist works very hard.
21. secretario/a 21. secretary There are 3 secretaries in our company.
22. Ayudante Personal 22. Personal Assistant (PA) Every year he asks for a PA and every year the boss says no.
23. jefe 23. boss Don’t forget that he is the boss.
24. compañero de trabajo 24. colleague Our colleagues in France are angry.
25. colega (de trabajo) 25. workmate I go out with my workmates every week.
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