English podcast #34: Departments

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos.


1. Departamento de contabilidad 1. Accounting Department / Accounts Department This is the department in small companies which deals with all of a company’s transactions.
2. Departamento de finanzas 2. Financial Department In bigger companies, Financial Departments do accounting and other activities, e.g. financial reporting and advising management on decisions.
3. Recursos humanos 3. Human Resources (HR) HR depts. deal with aspects like hiring & firing and career development.
4. Informática 4. Information Technology (IT) My brother works in IT for a pharmaceutical company.
5. Investigación y desarrollo 5. Research and Development (R&D) Lots of companies don’t have an R&D dept.
6. Ventas 6. Sales The sales dept. is growing.
7. Marketing 7. Marketing (Mktg) People say marketing begins and ends with the customer.
8 Administración 8. administration The administration staff work very hard.
9. Relaciones publicas 9. Public Relations (PR) The PR dept. tries to create a positive public image of the company.
10. Servicio al cliente 10. Customer service  Our Customer Service Dept. deals with a lot of questions about our software.
11. Logística 11. Logistics Logistics is the management of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption.
12. Importación y exportación 12. Imports & Exports I work in import and export.
13. Transporte 13. Shipping Department /

Dispatch Department

Our shipping Dept. is located in Germany.
14. Almacén 14. Warehouse  We store all our products in a warehouse near here.
15. Ingeniería 15. Engineering There are many types of engineering departments.
16. Soporte Técnico 16. Technical support Technical support helps customers and staff to deal with problems.
17. Formación y desarrollo 17. Training and Development The Training and Development Dept. is a big part of our HR Department.
18. Departamento legal 18. Legal Department The Legal Department gives managers advice on all kinds of legal issues.
19. Proceso de datos 19. Data Processing Companies often outsource Data Processing Depts. to save money.
20. Oficina central 20. Head Office / Headquarters Our Head Office is located in Mumbai.
21. sucursal 21. branch We have branches in lots of cities.
22. fábrica 22. factory The factory in France will close next year.
23. planta (industrial) 23. plant The new plant is ready to start production.
24. call centre/centro de llamadas 24. call centre Telefónica has call centres in Latin America.
25. taller 25. workshop I am attending a workshop in Valencia next week.
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