English podcast #50 problem pairs

En esta serie de english podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos


Problem pairs

ayudar to assist He assisted the Manager in preparing the presentation.
asistir to attend I can’t attend the meeting, I’ll be in Berlin.
económico economic The economic situation is getting better.
económico economical My car isn’t very economical, but it looks great.
viajar to travel I will travel to Chicago on the 1st.
(un) viaje (a) trip I love travelling, but I don’t like business trips. (traveling, US)
el orden del día agenda You should all have received the agenda.
agenda diary I’ll check my diary and get back to you.
sueldo (fijo) salary In the UK, a salary is a fixed amount paid every month. In America salaries are paid every 2 weeks.
sueldo (por horas) wage I earn a good wage as a consultant.
personal (empleados) personnel The personnel are all highly trained.
personal personal It’s a personal matter that I don’t want to discuss.
subir to rise Interest rates are rising quickly.
subir to raise They raised their fees by €100.
mail email I attached the report to the email I sent you.
correo mail (US), post (UK) When do they deliver the mail?
venta / rebaja sale The sale of the company was difficult.
vender to sell They will sell the company to a British consortium.
puntual (llegar a tiempo) punctual He’s very punctual, he always arrives on time.
puntual (esporádico) sporadic/ occasional We see him from time to time. He occasionally comes to see us.
anuncio advert (UK), ad (US) I like the new Movistar ad. It’s very funny.
publicidad advertising I work in advertising.
llevar puesto to wear I don’t like wearing suits.
vestirse to dress I prefer to dress casually.
25.dependiente/a 25.clerk
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