English podcast #66 Jobs

En esta serie de english podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos


1. abogado/a 1. lawyer (US),
solicitor (UK)
A lawyer sometimes works in a legal practise or a law firm (US).
2. periodista 2. journalist Columnists and reporters are two types of journalists.
3. economista 3. economist In the UK, many economists often work for the civil service.
4. músico/a 4. musician Some musicians don’t perform, they only record.
5. jardinero 5. gardener Most gardeners look after public gardens.
6. fotógrafo/a 6. photographer Photographers take photos of people.
7. camarero/a 7. waiter/ waitress Waiters/ waitresses in America are famous for their good service.
8. médico/a 8. doctor (UK),
physician (US)
When most people use the word ‘doctor’, they are referring to a medical doctor or a physician.
9. camionero/a 9. truck driver (US),

lorry driver (UK)

Lorry drivers often drive long distances.
10. arquitecto/a 10. architect Architects work on the planning and design of buildings.
11. profesor/a 11. teacher Teachers who work in ‘public schools’ in the UK actually work in the private sector. Public sector schools are called ‘state schools’.
12. cantante 12. singer Aretha Franklin is one of America’s most famous singers.
13. taxista 13. taxi driver (UK),
cab driver (US)
Taxi drivers drive their customers from point A to B.
14. fontanero/a 14. plumber If your plumbing needs seeing to, you should call a plumber.
15. informático/a 15. computer technician Computer technicians do a variety of jobs such as programming and providing technical support to companies.
16. peluquero/a 16. hairdresser, barber A barber only works with male customers.
17. diseñador/a 17. designer Graphic designers are employed to design the page layout of magazines.
18. cartero/a 18. mailman (US),
postman (UK)
Postmen often work early in the morning.
19. escritor/a 19. writer Robert Louis Stevenson was a famous Scottish writer.
20. mecánico/a 20. mechanic If your car breaks down, call a mechanic.
21. comercial 21. salesperson Salespeople are known for being outgoing.
22. secretario/a 22. secretary A good secretary is worth her weight in gold.
23. obrero/a 23. workman Workmen are usually unskilled labourers.
24. ejecutivo/a 24. executive Executives often work in management.
25. dependiente/a 25. clerk (US),

shop assistant (UK)

A good clerk should be helpful.
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