English podcast #72 Business docs & communication

En esta serie de english podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos

Business docs & communication

orden del día agenda Can you send me the agenda for next week’s meeting?
informe anual annual report The annual report is presented at the annual general meeting. (A.G.M)
catálogo catalogue I’ll send you a catalogue with our complete product range.
contrato contract Have you signed the contract?
directorio directory The directory of local businesses is very useful.
mail email I usually get about 80 emails a day.
cara a cara face-to-face I think I should do this face-to-face.
fax fax Can you send me a fax to confirm the transfer?
intranet intranet Our organizations’ intranet was installed last year.
factura invoice I still haven’t received the invoice.
carta letter We hardly ever send letters these days.
un mailing mailshot (UK), direct marketing campaign (US) We’ll announce the new products in the next mailshot.
memorándum memo Did you get my memo this morning?
el acta minutes I’ll write up the minutes of the meeting and I’ll send them out tomorrow.
boletín newsletter They normally send out a newsletter every 3 months.
tablón de anuncios notice board There are a few notices for flats for rent on the staff notice board.
hoja de pedido order form Fill in the online order form. (complete)
lista de precios price list You’ll find all the prices on the price list.
folleto sales brochure The pictures of the hotel in the brochure look great.
informe de ventas sales report Have you seen the sales report?
manual de usuario user manual The user manual is in French!
mandar un mail to email He e-mailed me a few minutes ago.
llamar to call Can you call me back after lunch?
mandar un fax to fax He faxed his application earlier.
teleconferencia conference call I have a conference call in 10 minutes.
to meet with I meet with clients regularly.
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