English podcast #37: Airport

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos.


1. aduana 1. customs We don’t have to go through Customs within the EU.
2. asiento 2. seat Our seats are not numbered.
3. aviso 3. announcement Did you understand the announcement?
4. billete 4. ticket You don’t need a ticket, just the reference number.
5. cancelado 5. cancelled Our flight was cancelled due to bad weather.
6. carro (para maletas) 6. cart, trolley One of the wheels on this trolley is jammed!
7. embarcar 7. to board We board at 3.40.
8 equipaje 8. luggage You are only allowed one piece of hand luggage.
9. escala 9. stopover (overnight)/

lay over (hours)

We have a stopover in Schipol (Amsterdam).
10. facturar 10. to check in I really like the self-service check-in system.
11. llegadas 11. arrivals I’ll meet you at arrivals.
12. maleta 12. suitcase The handle on my suitcase is broken.
13. niebla 13. fog The plane can’t take off because of the fog.
14. pasillo (del avión) 14. aisle I prefer aisle seats, you have more leg room.
15. pilotar, volar 15. to fly It was his first time flying for that airline.
16. pista de aterrizaje 16. runway The plane taxied onto the runway.
17. puerta de embarque 17. gate We leave from Gate 39 in Terminal B.
18. retraso 18. delay They say there will be some delays.
19. sala de espera 19. waiting lounge You can’t smoke in the waiting lounge.
20. salidas 20. departures All of the departures are delayed because of the snow.
21. sellar 21. to stamp They don’t stamp your passport.
22. tarjeta de embarque 22. boarding card I can’t find my boarding card!
23. tienda libre de impuestos 23. duty-free I bought a bottle of whisky at duty free.
24. último aviso 24. last call This is the last call for flight 6030 to Brussels.
25. vuelo 25. flight We hope you enjoyed your flight.
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