English Podcast #3 – Check in en el aeropuerto

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy hacemos el «check in»


At the Airport – Checking in

CHECK-IN COUNTER: I can help the next person over here.

COLBERTO: Good morning, I am flying with 9 colleagues to Toronto.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: Are they here with you?

COLBERTO: They are over there, behind me.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: Do you have their passports?

COLBERTO: Yes, here they are right here.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: And are you checking any bags? 1

COLBERTO: Yes, we have 21 suitcases.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: 21? You are only allowed 2 per person.

COLBERTO: One is full of promotional materials.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: You’ll have to pay extra. Could you start putting them up onto the scale? Ok, this one is over the weight limit. You are allowed 23 kilos and this one weighs 30.

COLBERTO: I guess we’ll just pay then.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: That will be an additional 125 dollars.

COLBERTO: Here’s the company credit card.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: Who is Sandy Marchante?

COLBERTO: She is the boss, you have her passport there.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: Ok, the plane is rather full, so I am not going to be able to seat you all together. Why didn’t you do the on-line check in? 2

COLBERTO: There was some confusion as to who was going to do it and in the end nobody did it.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: I have three seats together, another two and then 5 individual seats. Does anybody prefer aisle? 3

COLBERTO: I prefer aisle and the rest will just take what there is.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: Ok, your bags will be checked through to Toronto. They haven’t announced the gate yet, so keep an eye on the departure monitor. 4

Just a minute, you forgot to check that bag.

COLBERTO: No, it’s my carry on.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: I’m sorry sir. That looks too big to be a carry on. Please take it over to the display to see if it fits.

COLBERTO: I’m sure it does, I bought it specifically to carry on with me, but let’s see.

CHECK-IN COUNTER: It does fit! Here, put this carry on sticker on it.


CHECK-IN COUNTER: Thank you for flying Air Slobobia. Have a nice flight.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

  1. People often say ‘bags’ when talking about suitcases or luggage.
  2. On-line check in means to do the check in the airline’s web page.
  3. Window aisle and middle are the three choices for seats. (ventana, centro, pasillo)
  4. To check through means to put check the bag through to it’s final destination. If you have a stopover (escala) you don’t have to pick up your luggage. Gate is puerta de embarque and monitor is not ‘monitor’, but ‘pantalla’.


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