English podcast #25: Your daily routine

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos.


1. levantarse 1. to get up I usually get up at 7.15.
2. ir al trabajo en coche/a pie/en el metro 2. to drive/walk/take the metro to work He is lucky because he can walk to work.
3. llegar al trabajo 3. to get to work I normally get to work at 9.00
4. mirar 4. to look at She looks at the headlines every morning.
5. contestar 5. to reply She usually replies to the urgent  emails straight away.
6. escribir 6. to write I write to my clients regularly.
7. leer 7. to read I read the financial section of the paper every day.
8 hablar 8. to talk about We usually talk about our problems at lunch.
9. hablar 9. to discuss They always discuss their decisions over coffee.
10. escuchar 10. to listen to My boss never listens to me.
11. comprobar 11. to check I almost always check my messages after lunch.
12. quedar 12. to meet (with) I prefer to meet with clients in the morning.
13. conocer por primera vez 13. to meet (for the first time) I meet a lot of people in my new position.
14. llevar puesto 14. to wear He always wears a tie to work.
15. dar una presentación 15. to give a presentation I sometimes give presentations to large groups.
16. negociar 16. to negotiate I enjoy negotiating with clients.
17. comer 17. to have lunch I always have lunch at 1:30.
18. mandar 18. to send Please, send me the confirmation by fax.
19. llamar por teléfono 19. to call / phone I call my boss when I need advice.
20. arreglar 20. to fix We fixed the problem.
21. quitar / deshacerse de 21. to get rid of We are getting rid of the old chairs.
22. explicar 22. to explain He explained the new system.
23. enseñar 23. to show I showed them the new samples.
24. marcharse / irse 24. to leave We normally try to leave the office no later than 6:30.
25. llegar a casa 25. to get home I usually get home at 7.15.
08/08/2016Level - difficulty 2United StatesAudio