English podcast #27: business verbs

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos.



1. organizar 1. to arrange We arranged a meeting with them for next week.
2. asistir 2. to attend I can’t attend the conference. I will be in Norway.
3. llamar 3. to call He called me yesterday.
4. ponerse en contacto con 4. to get in touch with I couldn’t get in touch with you.
5. organizar 5. to organise (UK),

to organize (US)

We organised the conference very well.
6. posponer 6. to postpone Would it be possible to postpone the meeting until Friday?
7. enterarse 7. to find out I found out that you are leaving!
8 tratar con 8 to deal with I’m an account manager. I deal with our clients in the telecommunications sector.
9. decidir 9. to decide We decided to fire him.
10. estimar 10. to estimate They estimate that the project will be finished in May.
11. subrayar 11. to highlight He highlighted the cultural differences between the companies.
12. tener como meta 12. to aim We aim to be finished by June.
13. ganar 13. to earn My boss earns much more than me.
14. crecer 14. to grow Our sales grew by 13% last year.
15. cortar 15. to cut We cut our costs by 10%.
16. aumentar/ incrementar 16. to raise (transitive) We raised the price by 3,000 dollars.
17. subir 17. to rise (intransitive) The price rose by 3,000 dollars.
18. aumentar/ incrementar 18. to increase We increased output by 20,000 units a month.
19. liderar 19. to lead He leads by example.
20. gestionar 20. to manage I manage the IT Department.
21. fusionar, consolidar 21. to merge Many airlines are merging in order to survive the crisis.
22. abastecer/ suministrar 22. to supply We supply parts to two car manufacturers.
23. facturar 23. to bill/ invoice We usually bill them after each project.
24. presupuestar 24. to budget We didn’t budget for 3 extra consultants.
25. demandar 25. to sue He sued the newspaper for printing false accusations.


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