English podcast #28: Como pedir en un restarurante

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos.



1. menú del día 1. daily menu/ daily specials What’s the special today?
2. tentempié 2. snack I’m not hungry. I just want a quick snack.
3. (una) comida 3. meal I always have 3 meals a day.
4. comida para llevar 4. takeaway (UK),
takeout (US)
There is a great Chinese takeout here.
5. un plato tradicional/ típico 5. a traditional dish Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is a traditional British dish.
6. recomendar 6. to recommend I recommend the Chicken Korma.
7. invitar a cenar 7. to buy someone dinner It’s my treat. I’m buying dinner tonight.
8. pedir 8. to order Are you ready to order?
9. pedir la cuenta 9. to ask for the bill (UK),
to check (US)
Can we have the check please?
10. ¡Buen provecho! 10. Enjoy your meal! Enjoy your meal!
11. refresco 11. soft drink What soft drinks do you have?
12. poco hecho 12. rare How would you like your steak sir?
13. en su punto 13. medium Medium please.
14. bien hecho 14. well-done I don’t like my steak rare. I’d like it well-done, please.
15. sin (algo) 15. hold the (something) (US) I’d like the Cajun chicken, hold the onions.
16. aparte 16. on the side And can I have coleslaw on the side?
17. demasiado hecho 17. overdone I’m afraid my steak is overdone.
18. demasiado poco hecho 18. underdone My steak’s still quite bloody. Could you cook it some more?
19. al horno 19. baked I love baked potatoes.
20. a la parilla 20. grilled (US) I’ll have the char-grilled steak please.
21. al vapor 21. steamed The steamed vegetables sound tasty.
22. carne sellada (fuego fuerte) 22. seared The pan-seared tuna is fantastic.
23. rebozado 23. battered You shouldn’t batter salmon.
24. aliño/condimento (de ensalada) 24. dressing What dressings do you have?
25. vinagreta 25. vinaigrette Their homemade vinaigrette is great.
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