English podcast #30: Money 1

En esta serie de english podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos


1. cuenta bancaria 1. account I have a current account and a savings account.
2. extracto de cuenta 2. bank statement You will receive a monthly bank statement.
3. saldo 3. balance Before you take money out, check your balance.
4. en quiebra/ bancarrota 4. bankrupt The company went bankrupt last year.
5. presupuesto 5. budget We have budget of €40,000 for this project.
6. efectivo 6. cash He carries a lot of cash on him.
7. caja (para gastos menores) 7. petty cash Take the money out of petty cash.
8 cajero 8. teller I know the teller well; I go to the bank a lot.
9. cheque de viaje 9. traveller’s check (US),

traveller’s cheque (UK)

When I went to America, I took traveller’s checks.
10. moneda 10. currency The rupee is the currency in India.
11. deuda 11. debt I am in debt to the bank.
12. señal 12. deposit The deposit will secure your place on the course.
13. tipo de cambio 13. exchange rate The exchange rate is very high at the moment.
14. intereses 14. interest rates Interest rates went up to stop inflation from rising.
15. invertir 15. to invest He wants to invest in the stock market.
16. inversión 16. investment His investments yield high returns.
17. prestar 17. to lend Can you lend me 20 bucks until tomorrow?
18. pedir prestado 18. to borrow I borrowed some money from my parents.
19. préstamo 19. loan In Britain, students are offered low interest loans.
20. hipoteca 20. mortgage I have a 40-year mortgage.
21. deber 21. to owe I owed a lot of money when I left university.
22. ahorrar 22. to save We save €300 every month.
23. ahorros 23. savings I spent all my savings on the trip.
24. acciones 24. shares I have shares in a big telecom company.
25. sacar 25. to withdraw You can’t withdraw the money ‘til the end of the year.
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