English podcast #30: Money 2

En esta serie de english podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos


1. ganga 1. bargain  This is a bargain! It normally costs twice as much.
2. plazos 2. instalments (UK), 

installments (US)

I’m paying for my laptop in installments.
3. reembolso 3. refund It doesn’t work. I’m going to ask for a refund.
4. plus/ prima 4. bonus My company always pays us a Christmas bonus.
5. ingresos 5. earnings What are your earnings so far this year?
6. donar 6. to donate I donate money to charity twice a year.
7. alquilar 7. to rent We don’t own our flat, we rent it.
8 honorarios 8. fee The solicitor’s fees are very high.
9. multa 9. fine I have 3 parking fines and a speeding fine to pay.
10. impuesto sobre la renta 10. income tax We pay different amounts because we’re in different income tax brackets.
11. heredar 11. to inherit They inherited their parents’ house in the country.
12. herencia 12. inheritance They started fighting over the inheritance.
13. pensión de jubilación 13. pension I pay into a pension plan every month.
14. beca 14. grant My son got a grant to study in Paris.
15. llegar al fin de mes 15. to make ends meet Our mortgage payments went up and now we can’t make ends meet.
16. perdida de dinero 16. waste of money  I think fashionable clothes are a waste of money.
17. sumar 17. to add up Add up all the figures in the column on the right.
18. restar 18. to subtract Subtract the income tax to get your net pay.
19. devolver (un préstamo) 19. to pay back I will pay you back tomorrow; I promise.
20. quedarse sin dinero 20. to run out (of) We can’t move forward because we ran out of money.
21. ahorrar 21. to save up I’m saving up to buy a motorbike.
22. rico/a 22. rich We saw a lot of rich people at the marina.
23. adinerado 23. wealthy She comes from a very wealthy family.
24. acomodado/a 24. well-off We are very well-off compared to most people.
25. pobreza 25. poverty There are still a lot of people living in poverty.
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