English podcast #24: business sports

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos.



1. esquí 1. skiing We usually go skiing in January.
2. patinaje sobre hielo 2. ice skating Ice skating is good exercise.
3. patinaje sobre ruedas 3. roller skating

in-line skating / rollerblading

Inline skating is a modern version of roller skating.
4. equitación 4. riding (UK),
horseback riding (US)
We often go riding in the mountains.
5. natación 5. swimming He goes swimming twice a week.
6. fútbol americano 6. (American) football The Dallas Cowboys is my favorite football team.
7. gimnasia deportiva 7. gymnastics Gymnastics was really popular at my school.
8. béisbol 8. baseball I played baseball when I was younger.
9.  boxeo 9. boxing Shall we watch the boxing tonight?
10. voleibol 10. volleyball I prefer beach volleyball to indoor.
11. fútbol 11. football (UK), soccer (US) A lot of women play soccer in America.
12. baloncesto 12. basketball Basketball isn’t a popular sport in Britain.
13. rugby 13. rugby The All Blacks are one of the best rugby teams in the world.
14.  tenis 14. tennis When you play tennis, do you prefer singles or doubles?
15. kárate 15. Karate I do Karate. I’m a red belt.
16. atletismo 16. athletics (UK),
track and field (US)
I always watch the athletics during the Olympics.
17. salto de altura 17. high jump The high jump world record is 2.45 metres. (meters, US)
18. salto de longitud 18. long jump Did you do the long jump at school?
19. balonmano 19. handball Is handball popular in Britain?
20.  pesas 20. weightlifting Weightlifting is huge in Bulgaria.
21. triatlón 21. triathlon A triathlon is an endurance sport consisting of swimming, cycling and running.
22. carrera de fondo 22. distance running Fell running is a type of distance running done in hills and mountains.
23. maratón 23. marathon A full marathon covers a distance of 42.195 kilometres. (kilometers, US)
24.  ciclismo 24. cycling Let’s go cycling on the new trail.
25. vela 25. sailing Have you ever been sailing?
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