English podcast #15: Negocios con paises extranjeros: Japan

Nace la oportunidad en la tierra del sol naciente. Secrets to doing business in Japan.

‘One man’s meat is another’s poison’ the old saying goes. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Every country is different. Your product may be great, you might be a great salesperson, but none of this will matter if you make a faux pas and offend your host.
Japan is a country rich in traditions, and one that has been traditionally insular. While a European can blend in in North America and vice-versa, you are going to stand out in Japan (and we don’t just mean from physical appearance).

Did you know that business cards are extremely important in Japan, and that you should hand your card to your host with both hands, with the Japanese-side up? Or that you shouldn’t write anything on, fold or play with a Japanese business card. And be sure to read it before you put it in your pocket. Not doing so would be considered rude and show a lack of interest.

Did you know that a lot of Japanese companies don’t allow their male employees to wear a beard or shave their head? You might want to rethink your hipster look before flying to Tokyo. And although Japanese businessmen bow to each other, they will probably shake hands with you (but it wouldn’t hurt to bow back).

Find out more about this fascinating land in Doing Business in Japan part I.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary   VOCABULARY

Poison – veneno
To matter – importar
Faux pas – metadura de pata
To stand out – llamar la atención
Lack – falta
To bow – reverenciar, inclinarse


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