English podcast #18: Dar instrucciones

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés.

1. como llegar 1. directions These are the directions to the airport.
2. gira a la izquierda 2. to turn left Turn left after the petrol station.
3. gira a la derecha 3. to turn right Turn right when you get to the roundabout.
4. ir recto 4. to go straight Go straight until you get to the ring road.
5. la primera a la derecha 5. the first right Take the first right and you’ll pass a school.
6. la segunda a la izquierda 6. the second left After the school take the second left.
7. dos manzanas 7. two blocks (US) Go straight for 2 blocks, and then take a right.
8 en una calle paralela 8. one street over It’s one street over. Turn left here.
9. delante de 9. in front of I’ll meet you in front of the museum.
10. detrás de 10. behind The café is behind the museum.
11. al lado de 11. next to The park is next to the museum.
12. cerca 12. near I live near the centre of town.
13. en frente de 13. across from


The Caixa Forum is across from the Prado.
14. a la derecha 14. on the right If you come from Colon, it’s on the right.
15. a la izquierda 15. on the left My flat is over here on the left.
16. subir 16. to go up After my cigarette, I’ll go up to the office.
17. bajar 17. to go down Go down to the first floor and I’ll meet you there.
18. en la esquina 18. on the corner The shop is on the corner.
19. semáforo 19. traffic light Drive past the first set of traffic lights
20. rotonda 20. roundabout (UK) I don’t like driving on roundabouts.
21. cruce 21. intersection It’s a very dangerous intersection.
22. calle sin salida 22. dead end This is a dead end street.
23. callejón 23. alley That alley is very narrow.
24. salida 24. exit Where is the emergency exit?
25. la baja 25. ground floor (UK)

1st floor (US) 

My flat is on the ground floor.
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