English podcast #13 – Poker: Apostando fuerte en España

The poker phenomenon that took the U.S by storm is here. Get your chips ready!


When I was a kid, my dad would have some friends over to the house and they would play poker. Play poker, smoke cigars, drink beer, eat potato chips and probably tell a dirty joke or two… There were no sponsors, no sunglasses and they probably played five card draw.


The poker craze hit the U.S. several years ago, and now you can watch poker games on T.V., poker games that are played by professionals and celebrities. I personally know a professional poker player. In one year he made over a million dollars! Major companies pay to have their names displayed on baseball hats and shirts worn by these famous gamblers. Card ‘sharks’ wear dark glasses so that other players can’t see their eyes or read their expressions. And the game of choice is Texas Hold ‘em, a game where everybody plays common cards that are turned over on the table.


This craze, like many, has reached Spain. Celebrities like Rafael Nadal and several football players have organized or played in high-profile tournaments. There is even a rumor that a famous Spanish singer was kicked off a popular show because he dedicated too much time (and maybe money) to playing poker.


In this section, we examine the terminology related to poker: decks of cards, betting and the different hands that go from a pair to a royal flush. If you play with this track, you can’t lose.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary   VOCABULARY

Chip – ficha
Craze – fenómeno
Gambler – jugador (que apuesta)
To turn over – dar la vuelta
High profile – muy visible, con mucha atención mediática


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