English podcast #12 La cena

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos como actuar en una cena.


The dinner.


SECRETARY: Colberto, there is a Ms. Yamamoto here to see you.

COLBERTO: Ms. Yamamoto?

SECRETARY: She says you are expecting her at 11:00.

COLBERTO: We scheduled a meeting, but I thought it was by phone. I’ll be right out. 2


REP: Mr. Precio, nice to finally meet you in person.

COLBERTO: Nice to meet you, though I didn’t’ expect you in person. I thought we were going to negotiate over the phone. 3

REP: Oh, no. How could I show you the menus over the phone? It is much better if you have them in front of you.

COLBERTO: What about e-mail… Well, it doesn’t matter. Please accompany me.

REP: This is a nice office.

COLBERTO: Thanks, we spend a lot of time here, so it has to be comfortable.

REP: Of course, Mr. Precio…

COLBERTO: Please, call me Colberto.

REP: Colberto, what you have in front of you are three hand-written menus. As you can see, they are similar, yet unique.

COLBERTO: I suppose they represent three different prices as well.

REP: You shouldn’t think of it in terms of money, but in terms of the experience. 4

COLBERTO: My hands are tied as far as the budget goes, Ms. Yamamoto. These are lovely menus…5

REP: I wrote them myself. 6

COLBERTO: Yes, but I’m afraid we have no choice but to go with the cheapest one. 7

REP: Well, it is still full of wonderful food.

COLBERTO: Another thing that worries me is the fact that sushi might be a little exotic for most people here.

REP: There is much more than sushi on this menu. We also have chicken, beef, fried vegetables…

COLBERTO: Are drinks included in this price?

REP: Oh yes, there is beer, wine and a sake bar with traditional pine boxes. Look at the pictures.

COLBERTO: Well, the presentation is really nice. I’d like to go ahead and book right now. There will be about 100 of us, give or take. 8

REP: So 100 servings? Alright. I’ll need you to sign these papers and you need to keep a copy for your records.

COLBERTO: Well, thanks for coming Ms. Yamamoto, we are looking forward to a great meal at your restaurant.

REP: Think of it not just as a meal, but as a great experience. See you next week.

COLBERTO: If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you to the door. 9



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