Best regional US dishes

Más que hamburguesas – It is actually possible to eat well in the U.S.

Food in the United States has a bad reputation. And while it’s true that we might not export the best we have to offer, there is a lot of good regional food in the U.S.A.

Consider the lobster roll. Lobsters are (or at least were) so plentiful in the New England area that they used them for sandwiches. And not just any sandwich, but one as magnificent as it is strange to foreigners. Lobster is boiled and then tossed in butter and put into a bun. And this is where the similarities end.

It seems the sandwich was first made at a restaurant in Connecticut in 1929, but it did not become popular until years later. It is now most closely associated with the state of Maine. And all over the region, people make it differently. Some mix the lobster with mayonnaise or hollandaise. Some people add scallions, celery or paprika to the mix. Many use a hotdog bun, but all types of bread can be found.

As this is the U.S., it is usually served with French fries or potato chips. Accompany it with a pint of craft beer or a glass of lemonade and you’ve got summer on the New England coast. Try it next time you’re in the area. Or the muffuletta in New Orleans, or Texas barbecue, or shrimp and grits in the Carolinas…


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary   VOCABULARY

Lobster – langosta, bogavante
Plentiful – abundante
Boiled – hervido
Bun – panecillo
Celery – apio
French Fries (US) patatas fritas, Chips (US) patatas fritas de bolsa
Craft beer – cerveza artesanal




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