English podcast #22: your computer

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos.



1. ordenador de mesa 1. desktop Desktop computers are getting smaller.
2. portátil 2. laptop People like laptops because they are mobile.
3. hardware 3. hardware Hardware means all the physical components of a computer.
4. software 4. software Software refers to the computer programs a computer uses. There are 2 main kinds: system software and application software.
5. teclado 5. keyboard The ‘return key’ is normally located on the right hand side of a keyboard.
6. pantalla 6. screen Computer screens are becoming much thinner.
7. disquetera 7. disc drive (CD-ROM, DVD) There are different types of disc drive. A DVD drive means that your drive can play DVDs on your computer.
8 disco 8. disc A compact disc is used to store information like music.
9. adaptador 9. power adapter My laptop only works when I plug in the power adapter.
10. impresora 10. printer Select the printer you want in the control panel.
11. ratón 11. mouse The mouse moves the cursor on the screen.
12. monitor 12. monitor My old monitor was very bulky.
13. escáner 13. scanner We use the scanner to scan documents so that we have electronic copies of documents.
14. altavoces 14. loudspeakers (speakers) The speakers are very powerful.
15. cámara web 15. web camera (webcam) I always use a webcam when I chat to my brother.
16. puerto USB 16. USB port My laptop has 3 USB ports.
17. puerto firewire 17. firewire port A firewire connection is faster than a USB connection.
18. memoria USB 18. USB flash drive/ memory stick Pendrives are a handy way of storing files.
19. entrada de cascos 19. headphone jack I plug my headphones into the headphone jack.
20. memoria 20. memory Computer memory consists of two main components: the hard drive and RAM.
21. disco duro 21. hard drive A hard drive is where a computer permanently stores all the programs and information we use.
22. unidad de sistema 22. system unit The system unit is the main part of a personal computer.
23. un programa 23. a (computer) program Microsoft Word is a word-processing program.
24. bluetooth 24. Bluetooth Bluetooth is a low power radio link that connects different ‘devices’ such as phones, stereos and computers
25. servidor 25. server The program and/or computer that are dedicated to providing services to other computers in a network, such as memory storage and internet access.
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