50 best places to eat the world’s most iconic dishes III


There is nothing quite like eating one of the world’s most iconic dishes in the place where it originated.

This is part three of a section we are doing based on a CNN article of the 50 best places to eat the world’s most iconic dishes (or something like that; we say a different thing every time). In the first two parts we saw Spain, which had six spots on the list, and the rest of the world, which included France, Italy, Greece, China, Japan… In this installment we take a look at an unlikely champ – The USA, with 9 entries on the list.

Yes, we are advocates for regional US food. We never tire of saying that there is more than fast food in the states. Imagine, as we have seen in other sections, sitting on the rocky Coast of Maine with an artisanal ale and a lobster roll as the marine breeze tickles your skin. Eating barbecue in Texas becomes an experience when you can feel the heat coming of the pit, smell the rich wood smoke in the air, and you point to the rack of ribs that you want to eat.

As with Spain, the American part of the list is not without controversy, as the U.S. was voted the best place to eat pizza and ravioli instead of Italy. We’ll leave that up to you, but it seems like it would be hard to beat a pizza from an authentic joint in the heart of Naples.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

Spot – sitio
Champ (champion) – campeón
Entry – entrada
Advocate – defensor
To tire – cansarse
Pit – Hoyo, pero aqui ‘parilla grande de barbacoa’
To be up to you – ser decisión tuya
Joint – garito



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