#1 English at the office

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés.


English podcast #1

AIRLINE: Air Slobobia, Gurchen churgin Jargen.
BOSS: I’m sorry I don’t understand, do you speak English?
AIRLINE: Yes, how may I help you?
BOSS: I was looking on your web page for a flight to Toronto, Canada, but I couldn’t find anything about a group discount.
AIRLINE: How many people are in your party? 1
BOSS: There are 10 of us. 2
AIRLINE: Business or coach? 3
BOSS: Coach
AIRLINE: Round trip or one way? 4
BOSS: Round trip
AIRLINE: We can offer a 20% discount per ticket on the price shown on our web page, but you have to stay from Saturday to Saturday.
BOSS: Well we were only planning on being there from Sunday to Saturday, but I suppose we could do some site seeing. 5
AIRLINE: Would you like to go ahead and make the reservation?
BOSS: All right, I would like to reserve 10 tickets leaving Saturday the 4th and returning Saturday the 11th.
AIRLINE: O.K. ma’am, I am going to need the names of the 10 people who will be flying. 6 BOSS: Yes, it’s me and 9 other colleagues. Could I make the reservation and send you the names this afternoon? My assistant Colberto is out of the office, but he should be back this afternoon. AIRLINE: Can you give me your name or the company name?
BOSS: Yes, my name Sandy Marchante and I’m calling from Frepypsa.
AIRLINE: Very well Ms. Marchante, we’ll hold 10 tickets for you. Can you give me a credit card number? 7
BOSS: I’ll have Colberto do it when he gets here. Will that be a problem?
AIRLINE: As long as we receive the information today it’s fine. I can only hold the tickets for 24 hours. 8
BOSS: What is your e-mail address?
AIRLINE: reserve@airslo.com
BOSS: A-I-R-S-L-O? 9
AIRLINE: That’s correct.
BOSS: Ok Thanks.
AIRLINE: Thank you for choosing Air Slobobia. Have a nice day.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

  1. A party, when making a reservation, is the same as group.
  2. We don’t say ‘we are ten’ –the literal translation from Spanish. That would mean we are ten years old.
  3. Coach is the same as economy class.
  4. In the US we say ‘round trip’ – ida y vuelta, In the UK they say ‘return’.
  5. Site seeing is a way to say ‘visit the important monuments or points of interest.’
  6. ‘Ma’am’ is a way of saying señora like ‘sir’ for caballero. The woman’s marital status is not important, however if we are talking to a young girl we might say ‘miss’ instead.
  7. When speaking to a woman whom you don’t know, it’s safe to say Ms., as opposed to Miss or Mrs.
  8. ‘Hold tickets’ means to temporarily reserve tickets until information of money is supplied.
  9. When somebody gives you their e-mail address as a word, don’t hesitate to ask them to spell it in order to be sure.


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