Tony Loftus: “London was the place to be”

Tony Loftus is an Englishman. Born in the North of England, he moved to London in the sixties to live and work because “London was the place to be”.

He used to work in marketing for a company. After the company relocated abroad, he decided to change his life completely and oriented his career towards social causes. He ended up working in a prision with the more disruptive convicts. The story of Anthony is the true story of a man who changed direction in his life, a real modern hero of our times. Are you ready to know more about Tony? Don’t miss a word of this story, this is worth your time to listen to.

“For most of these guys it’s the first time in their lifes that anyone ever sat down and talk to them in a reasonable way insterad of just running away from them”.


11/10/2015Level - difficulty 3Great BritainUnited States 2Video7 min