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The Superbowl – A fascinating event for every American


BRIAN -So, you ready for the big game?

COLBY -I can’t wait.

BRIAN -I’m really, really anxious to see how it turns out this year. This is, uh, even though my team’s not in it, it’s going to be fun to watch.

COLBY -The Super Bowl is always an exciting event, even if you’re not really that much of a sports fan. My wife watches it for the commercials and the halftime performance.

BRIAN – You know, I kind of feel the same. One of the things that I have to say that every year your team doesn’t make it, but when you have two teams that you absolutely hate, one thing that will make you want to watch the game is just the commercials.

COLBY -What’s the figure that people spend on their ads? Isn’t it like one million dollars for thirty seconds?

BRIAN -Actually I think I saw something for this year that said it was around four million for 30 seconds.

COLBY -What? Four million dollars for a 30 second TV commercial?

BRIAN -I’m serious. It seems absolutely worthless, but apparently there’s companies that actually get a lot more out of it, so the four million in the end for them is spare change.

COLBY –Wow. Well, when you take into account how many people are watching, maybe it is cost effective. How many people are watching a Super Bowl game?

BRIAN -Ooof. I think there is somewhere around 100,000,000.

COLBY -I read recently that the top five most-watched sporting events – hold on a second – the top five most-watched sporting events were all NFL; American football games.

BRIAN –Really? I didn’t realize that it’s gaining that… But is that in the U.S., or is that worldwide? Because I wouldn’t think it would be international.

COLBY -No, no, no, no… This pales in comparison to the World Cup of soccer, or what the rest of the world calls ‘football’.

BRIAN – Ha, ha, ha. O.K. That makes more sense. Yeah. It’s funny whenever, whenever I mention American football, or whenever I say ‘football’ I should say, that I’m always corrected by my Spanish friends, who say ‘you mean futbol or American football?’.

COLBY – So really, the incredible thing about that statistic is: the Super Bowl and then four other football games are more watched than any baseball game on any basketball game, including their championships.

BRIAN -It’s true. I, I have to say it’s one of the things I, I miss a little bit, uh, being here in the, uh, out, out away from home, is the fact that we don’t get a chance to see it. Uh, It really is quite popular. When you come to a country where you can’t see it that often, I miss it.

COLBY -Me too.



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