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Health Vocabulary with Sandra Handler y Brian Bolles


BRIAN: Well, hey Sandra, is good to see again

SANDRA: Yeah, hey Brian. You know about tomorrow, I, I don’t think I’m going to be able to go.

BRIAN: You’re not?

SANDRA: No. It’s that I’m not feeling very good.

BRIAN: Aawwe, that’s too bad.

SANDRA: I think I’m going to go to the doctor. Do you know if there is a medical center around here?

BRIAN: You know, you kind of sound a little stuffy, a little bit congested perhaps. Ehhh, as far as a medical center close by, I think there’s ooooone, I think there’s one on the other block, uh, not too far from here.

SANDRA: Well, I’ll look it up later. You know it’s so weird because I got a vaccination. I got my flu shot. But, think I have the flu. I feel terrible.

BRIAN: Have you had a fever?

SANDRA: I…you know, I, I feel feverish. I, I think I must be running a low fever or something. But, I’ll have to.., I have, I have a box of pills. I’m sure I have some, some ibuprofen or something I can take for, for my fever. But, I also have this really weird rash. I don’t know. Do…, it’s, it’s on my chest. I’m not, I’m not going to show you. Um, but, I, I have all these little red dots on my chest. I wonder, I wonder if it’s related, or if I have some sort of allergy? I…I don’t know.

BRIAN: You sound…you sound pretty extreme. I mean you should go see a doctor. Uuhhh, I mean the medical center close by here… if it something that is giving you a lot of…uhh…. Is it painful? Do you have any pain? Do you have uh…

SANDRA: No, it’s just, I just, I just don’t feel good. Aye, well, you know I don’t…I’m not…this… this reminds me of the story of a friend of mine. She, she, she’s, she’s Spanish, and she, she went to school in the States. And she was late to class one day ‘cause she had, she must have had a cold, like me (I think it’s a cold it must not be the flu). But she went in and everybody turned around to look at her and she said, “Sorry, it’s that I’m constipated!” And, and you know…constipated.

BRIAN: She said she’s constipated in front, in front of the whole group?

SANDRA: She did. She made the mistake so… everybody said, “That too much information! We don’t want to know if you can go to the bathroom or not.” And she, she… somebody explained the mistake to her afterwards

BRIAN: Ahhh, I had a Spanish friend say the same thing to me. “I’m feeling a little constipated today.” “You are?? Huhu!” And of course, ‘estrenido’ and what he meant to say. Makes a big difference!

SANDRA: It does. I’m congested.

BRIAN: You are congested, stuffy. Well, good. You know what, what uhh…what you can do is, obviously… a doctor can give you a review and probably there’s some easy antibiotic that you can take. Em, maybe even you know at this time of year sometime there are few allergies that are in the air and… with the flu that’s going around…and… At least, if you’re not feeling dizzy, if you’re not feeling nauseated…

SANDRA: I was going to say that I’m glad we just sat down, ‘cause I’m feeling really dizzy and I….I don’t know if I’m going to vomit. I’m gonna, I’m gonna go to hospital. This is, I’m just, just really not feeling good at all. I’m not feeling well. Um, so…is it okay? Can we reschedule tomorrow?

BRIAN: Hey, not a problem at all. Why don’t uh… you just call me when you’re feeling better and we’ll get together, you know, no rush. You need to get this taken care of. Your health is important. You know, I don’t know, whatever vaccinations they might need to give you… but you better go get it all!

SANDRA: Uuhh, alright. I’m outta here. I’ll catch you later.

BRIAN: Okay.



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