Descubre el futbol americano de la mano de un «quarterback»

En este vídeo practica el listening e intenta comprender a Brian Bolles. Su acento es americano. De Colorado, USA.

Football…American Style! What is the objective of American football?  Why does the game last so long?  How much money does the NFL make each year?  How much does it cost for a 30 second advertisement during the Super Bowl!?  How much water is used in toilet bowls during the Super Bowl? The game of American Football is a game that not everyone understands.

It is has its own tradition and culture.  If you want to know more about the game and the culture behind it, Brian Bolles talks about things and more. What is each player’s role?  Find out what happens on the defensive and offensive sides.  How are points scored?  Learn how.  How did American football start?  Hear a little bit about its origins. In this Diverbo Talk, you will learn about the basics of the game as well as some of the interesting things about the sport.  For example, do you know how many cows are used to produce the footballs for the NFL for each season?

American Football is one of the most fascinating and sophisticated sports in the world.  It has something for everyone.  If you want to improve your English while learning the most popular sport of the United States, then listen, learn, and be entertained.



26/12/2015Level - difficulty 3United StatesTextVideo25 min