Can I say a “slowly car”?

Can I say a “slowly car”?

Question by Elena de Barcelona

Thanks, Elena, for the question related to comparative and superlative adverbs. Unfortunately, you can’t.

‘Slowly’ is and adverb and ‘slow’ is the adjective that you need to use instead.

Slow is an adjective that describes the noun ‘car’.

A Ford Focus is a slow car compared to a Ferrari.

Slowly is an adverb that modifies the verb ‘drive’.

You have to drive slowly in a school zone.

An adverb of manner tells us how we do something. Most of the time, an adverb is the adjective + ly:

Careful – carefully

Dangerous – dangerously

Thorough – thoroughly

Do Sicilians drive carefully?

Who is a person that lives dangerously?

Do you know anybody who cleans thoroughly?


‘More careful’ is a comparative adjective.

Marla is more careful than Janet when she organizes the materials.
We could also use a comparative adverb to describe this situation:

Marla does it more carefully than Janet.


For ‘ly’ adverbs, the comparative form is with ‘more + adverb’.

There are additional irregular adverbs as well. If you want to review the use of comparative and superlative adverbs, please check out this quick lesson:

Curso Inglés gratis – Comparative and Superlative Adverbs


I hope this is clear and will help you to easily use the right form in the future! Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions!