Las mejores paradas de la Ruta 66, en inglés


If you are going to visit the U.S. you should know…YOU NEED A CAR! And once you have one…and time… there is no better way to explore a cross section of the country than on the “Main Street of America” known as Route 66.  The 4000 kilometers offer a window to the history and vast geography of the U.S.  Among the limitless places to stop and explore, here is a list of 10 top stops that will not only allow you to get out and stretch your legs, but will show you the history and the living culture of this “Mother Road”:

    1. Breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant (Chicago, Illinois) –From their donut “holes”, to tasty omelets, to the smiles of the wait staff, there is no better way to start your journey and experience ‘breakfast in America’. LINK?
    2. Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum (Springfield, Illinois) – Here in the town of Abraham Lincoln’s final resting place, you’ll find a museum that retracesthe history surrounding one of the most important and honored U.S. presidents.  LINK?
    3. Chain of Rocks Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri) – Opened in 1929, the bridge provided the original structure for crossing the treacherous, rocky section of river below it. Used today only for pedestrian and bike traffic, you can say you walked across the mightyMississippi River!
    4. St. Louis Arch (St. Louis, Missouri) – This architectural masterpieceallows you to actually go up in it and take in the viewsfrom 630ft (192m) in the air.  The monument symbolizes the gatewayto westward expansion after the Louisiana Purchase….where the 17 states at that time ended and people like Lewis and Clark embarked (1803) to explore the “wild” frontier beyond.  LINK?
    5. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) – Want to learn about life as a cowboy?  This is your place!  The museum housesart galleries, exhibitions and educational tours, giving you every possible way to appreciate what life was like for the men with the big hats and boots. LINK?
    6. Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo,Texas)  –  This iconic roadsidepop art stop was created in 1974 by burying10 vintage Cadillacs nose-down in concrete.  They have not only survived, but are interactive…as you invited to leave your own graffiti paint to mark you were there!
    7. Santa Fe artistic community (Santa Fe, New Mexico) – Just an hour from Albuquerque, it is well worth the visit. If you want to learn about Native Americans, the Spanish Colonial or Mexican periods you have the New Mexico History Museum.  But what really attracts visitors from all over the world is the artist’s community itself.  See and be inspired.
    8.  Meteor crater (Two Guns, Arizona) – Just 3 miles from a ghost town called Two Guns, you can visit the “best preserved meteor impact site on Earth”.  Formed by a meteorite some 50,000 years ago, it measures 500 feet (152m) deep and a mile (1.6km) wide.  You can’t climb down into it, but you can join a “rimtour” and enjoy the interactive Visitor Center.  LINK?
    9. Grand Canyon (Williams Arizona) – a trip to Arizona wouldn’t be complete without a chance to see the Grand Canyon.  The jump-off spotfrom the route is Williams or Flagstaff. And if you want a smaller, similarly stunning canyon, check out Sedona, Arizona.
    10. Santa Monica Pier (Los Angeles, California) –Even if it weren’t surrounded by the rest of L.A., it would be worth visiting.  It is the official “End of the Trail” of Route 66. You can’t drive offinto another sunset from here, but it will be the perfect place to reflect on all the kicks you got along Route 66!




cross section = sección transversal
to stretch your legs = estirar las piernas
holes = agujeros
tasty omelets = sabrosas tortillas francesas
wait staff = camareros
final resting place = última morada
to retrace = repasar
treacherous = traicionero
mighty = poderoso
masterpiece = obra maestra
to take in the views = disfrutar de la vista
gateway = puerta de salida
beyond = más allá
to house = cuenta con
roadside = en un lado de la carretera
to bury = enterrar
it is well worth the visit = merece la pena la visita
rim = borde
jump-off spot = punto de partida
surrounded by = rodeado de
drive off = marcharse
pier = muelle
reflect on all the kicks you got = reflexionar sobre lo bien que lo pasaste



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