Más de 100 millones de Norteamericanos se rendirán este domingo a la locura de la Super Bowl

Este próximo domingo el 7 de Febrero, más de 150 millones de Norteamericanos y gente de todo el mundo se vuelven locos para ver uno de los partidos más peculiar que existe:  la Super Bowl.  Descubre cuáles son las claves para entender qué mueve tanta pasión. Lee y Escucha el post en Inglés y Aprende… : 

This Sunday, February 7, the Super Bowl celebrates its 50th year, with the Denver Broncos battling the Carolina Panthers.  That’s right, American Football’s big game.  “So what?” many will say.
There are three reasons why the Super Bowl is still super.

Sure, not everyone watches it (especially outside the U.S.) and it is not the World Cup. But, it does define American culture in a particular way and there are three reasons why the Super Bowl is still super.


1) The sport. American football evolved quite differently. Unlike rugby, you can pass the ball forward. And unlike world football, you can substitute unlimited players and ‘control’ the clock.

And then there’s the technology. During the game, coaches and players communicate between plays with intercom systems and images are instantaneously sent to tablets to help prepare against the other team’s strategies.

American Football is like high-speed, military chess played with interchangeable gladiators in a coliseum video game. It represents ultimate modern planning, team work, and execution.


  The game represents the battles of egos.


2) The story. The first Super Bowl was played in 1967 to bring two separate leagues (AFL & NFL) together. The name “Super Bowl” was initially a joke, but it stuck.

Before Super Bowl III, New York Jets quarterback, Joe Namath, made a very pretentious prediction: “We are going to win the game Sunday. I guarantee it.” And they did. The game has since represented the battles of egos.

 Commentators add emotion and drama to the stories behind the game with documentary-style detail about every player’s life– from which university they attended, to statistics on any and every prior performance, to their workout philosophy, to how their grandmother inspired them, and if relevant what side of the bed they sleep on and what time they get up in the morning.

Like any championship, it’s about overcoming adversity and achieving true excellence. The Super Bowl is the end-of-the-season story of contrasts…force vs. finesse, brain vs. brawn, rich vs. poor, old vs. young, fast vs. quick, domination vs. determination.


 The Super Bowl wasn’t always a show, but now it is a super Hollywood-MTV-like production


3) The show. The Super Bowl wasn’t always a show, but now it is a super Hollywood-MTV-like production. Even non-fans (who get dragged to the parties) are entertained. In fact, many people only watch the game for the art and comedy of the advertising. A 30-second commercial during the big game costs up to 5 million US$!

Fewer people watch the Super Bowl globally (160 million) compared to the World Cup (909 million!). But for the U.S., it brings the nation together.  More food is consumed on this day than any other day of the year (except for Thanksgiving). More Americans (120 million) watch the Super Bowl than any other T.V. show… or than have ever voted in a presidential election (yes that is sad).

And of course, a full-concert, half-time “show” is crammed in the middle. Years ago it started with marching bands, but now has top performers: Katie Perry, Bruno Mars, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and who would ever forget his sister, Janet?  Up this year is…Coldplay, with possible appearances by Beyoncé and Rihanna! The anticipation rivals that of Christmas!

The former coach, Vince Lombardi, whom the Super Bowl trophy is named after, once said, “If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?” This game matters.  However, nowadays people want more than a score. This is show business. And that is what makes the big game “super”.





So what? = ¿Y qué?
chess = ajedrez
it stuck = se quedó
commentators = presentadores
overcoming adversity = la superación de la adversidad
achieving = logrando
finesse = finura
brawn = fuerza física
get dragged = ser arrastrado
is crammed = está atestado
to rival = rivalizar con
to keep score = llevar la cuenta

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