Guía para planear unas vacaciones de ensueño en Inglés


Con más de 30 grados en algunas de las ciudades de la península, es fácil ponerse a pensar en esas ansiadas vacaciones de verano, aunque programarlas puede ser de todo menos placentero. Vuelos, precios, cientos de hoteles, apartamentos y campings que evaluar… desquiciante es la palabra que buscas. Además todo esto se puede complicar si lo que buscas es un viaje al extranjero.

Por ello, queremos ofrecerte unos útiles consejos que te ayudaran con tus vacaciones… y con tu inglés!

  1. Plan your work ahead of your trip:it’s so annoying to receive calls about work. Make sure it’s all under control at work before you go.


  1. Answer this question, what type of holidays do you prefer? Would you like to relax on the beach or, on the contrary, would you prefer to go to the mountains? That question is important to make the choice easier about where you want to spend your holidays.


  1. Set a budget before you go; if you don’t, your trip might just be more expensive than you thought.


  1. It is recommendable to book well in advance: remember it’s holiday time. This means as many people as you looking for the best hotels and the best activities. Don’t wait until the last minute.


  1. Research the weather:The seasons and climate cycles are not the same everywhere. Just like Dubai – where the winter months are the best time to visit – summer can be unpleasant in many places around the world. Do some research and figure out when the best time to visit your desired location is.


  1. Make a list: make a list about everything. Make lists about your luggage, about places, about museums, routes or activities… this way you can optimize your time.
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