El Cañón del Colorado…no está en Colorado?

«El Cañón del Colorado…? Ah…, te refieres a The Grand Canyon (El Gran Cañón)». Esta conversación la he tenido ya unas cuantas veces desde que vivo en España. Surge cada vez que alguien me pregunta de donde soy…, y sí, soy de Colorado. Practica tu Reading y Listening con este post mientras descubres que el Cañón del Colorado no está en Colorado…

The ‘Colorado Canyon’ is not in Colorado???

The Spanish explorers that conquered the Americas were adventurous and bold.  From the Tierra del Fuego to Alaska, they left their mark: Spanish-named cities and monuments.  California has the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Nevada has Las Vegas, and Colorado has …

I have lived in Spain for 13 years, and as a native of the state of Colorado the most common comment Spanish people make when they find out where I’m from is: “Oh, the Colorado Canyon, it’s so beautiful!”

‘Grand Canyon’.  Yes, it is.  But it’s not in Colorado.”

Then, I have to tell them (each and every time), “Oh, you mean the ‘Grand Canyon’.  Yes, it is.  But it’s not in Colorado.”

Then I receive a look of complete disbelief, as if to say “So, when did they move the Colorado Canyon?”

Human history of the area dates back over 10,000 years ago.  The first Europeans to explore the canyon were a group of 13 Spanish soldiers with the help of local Hopi Indians in September, 1540.

I can imagine what they thought.  “This is really big…and really red!” The river, however, was originally named the “Tizón” by explorer Melchor Díaz, until it was renamed the iconic “Río Colorado” in 1720….the same name the Spanish gave the canyon…logically.  And then the Spanish left.

Enter John Wesley Powell.  In 1869, with only one arm, he captained an expedition to map the river.  He and some of his men survived the deadly Colorado River rapids and waterfalls and travelled the entire canyon.  When he finished he named it the “Grand Canyon.”

Reviewing our geography, the Colorado River starts in the mountains of Colorado, passes through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California and finally Mexico.

So, in which state is the Grand Canyon part?

Dear Spanish friends, if you want to book your holiday to visit it, make sure you go to … Arizona!

Now you know.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

bold = intrépido

disbelief = incredulidad

as if to say = como si dijera

to date back over… = situar en una época durante …

to captain = capitanear

to map = trazar un mapa

rapids and waterfalls = rápidos y cascadas



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